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Mediation vs Collaborative Divorce: What’s the Difference?

When you are considering your options for ending your marriage with respect and dignity, all the terms around divorce can get confusing. If you know you and your spouse are committed to keeping things friendly, you may want to consider mediation or c… Read More
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Tips for Co-Parenting Kids with Active School Schedules

The school year is getting started, and for many families, that means school sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities are getting under way. Managing kids’ active school schedules is hard enough for households with two parents. After a s… Read More
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Does Collaborative Divorce Cost More than Litigation?

Can you afford to get divorced the way that’s best for your family? When reality and your emotions are pushing you and your spouse apart, you may wonder if you can afford the more holistic process offered in collaborative practice, or if it wou… Read More
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What Makes Collaborative Divorce Different From Going to Court?

You and your spouse have decided it is time to part company. You know divorce is in the future and you are exploring your options. Now you’ve come across something called “collaborative divorce” that might work for you. But what is it? What mak… Read More
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Woman wrapping a Christmas gift

Should You Give Your Co-Parent a Christmas Gift?

December is the season for gift-giving. When Christmas comes around, kids and adults alike enjoy wrapping and giving gifts to loved ones and family. After a breakup, your former spouse or partner probably isn’t at the top of your “nice list”. B… Read More
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How Long Does Collaborative Divorce Take?

If you and your spouse have committed to avoiding hostility as you end your marriage, you may be looking at collaborative divorce as an alternative to traditional divorce litigation. But before you decide whether collaborative divorce is right for yo… Read More
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Spouses Talking About Collaborative Divorce - KM Family Law

How to Talk to Your Spouse About Collaborative Divorce

Divorce is a difficult topic. It is emotionally charged and can easily trigger fear and anxiety. This being said, if you and your spouse are considering divorce, having multiple discussions about it will likely follow. One such discussion might be a… Read More
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Collaborative Divorce or Collaborative Decision?

A potential client recently came in for a consult and, as often is the case, her husband was struggling to move forward in the process. They were at very different points on the divorce readiness scale – she was ready, he was not. This is quite typ… Read More
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Bringing a Reluctant Spouse to Collaborative Law

It is common for one spouse to be more committed to the collaborative process than the other. Indeed, it is common for one spouse to be more committed to divorcing than the other! Perhaps they have more information about collaborativelaw or they have… Read More
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