Minneapolis Collaborative Attorney

The outcome of a long, hard process depends on who is advising you at the beginning. With Kimberly's help, individuals and families facing divorce can create a new beginning by:

  • Being heard throughout the process
  • Understanding and controlling the process
  • Adapting the process to focus on highest needs
  • Receiving clear guidance to effectively and thoroughly find resolution

At KM Family Law, the representation is tailored to the unique needs of each client and focuses on collaboration and communication to achieve beneficial results. Minneapolis divorce attorney Kimberly Miller listens carefully to clients' questions and concerns and provides the personal attention they deserve, handling all aspects of their case with the compassion, dedication, and sensitivity needed to achieve a positive and expeditious legal resolution for their family.

Qualified & Caring Legal Counsel

Kimberly Miller's legal experience, financial experience, and experience in family counseling and psychology distinguish her ability to provide effective representation and guidance to families. After years of witnessing the devastating effects a courtroom battle can have on a family, Kimberly decided to dedicate her legal practice to helping families reconcile their disputes in a way that preserves the family bonds necessary for healthy relationships even after divorce.

As a licensed associate marriage and family therapist, Twin Cities divorce attorney Kimberly Miller is prepared to counsel her clients through tough transitions. As a collaborative attorney and family mediator, she seeks to ensure a respectful process that honors relationships. She recognizes how trying these transitions can be for everyone involved. To best represent her clients, she responds quickly, works efficiently, and communicates effectively with her clients. In addition, Kimberly provides comprehensive services, connecting clients with other professionals such as financial advisors, mental health professionals, and child specialists, to ensure the most complete representation.

Kimberly provides legal representation in cases, can work as a mental health coach or family specialist, mediate a case or act as a financial neutral. Her breadth of experience and knowledge can provide clients holistic and complete support through divorce and family transitions.

Kimberly is committed to guiding clients through a collaborative process while maintaining respect and integrity. If you are looking for a positive, non-adversarial resolution of the issues that are affecting your family, call KM Family Law today for a free confidential consultation to discuss your options: 952-428-7830 or kimberly@kmfamilylaw.com.