Family Law Attorney in Minneapolis

Extensive Experience & Education ~ Kimberly's exceptional background in law, finances of divorce, and marriage and family counseling helps her guide clients toward resolutions that are both emotionally and financially agreeable. Kimberly's vast training and experience, in addition to her involvement in numerous professional associations, give her the knowledge and expertise to resolve intricate legal issues in a professional and competent manner.

Collaborative Approach ~ As a collaborative attorney and family mediator, Kimberly seeks to assure a respectful process that honors relationships. She works together with her clients and values the involved participation of all parties. She works to establish a partnership of committed participants willing to work toward a creative result that meets the joint goals of all parties.

Personal Attention & Trusted Partner ~ Every aspect of your case is is handled with professional care and the personal attention of a trusted partner and friend. Kimberly works to recognize and respect the individuality of her clients and their essence in life. She strives to offer a level of personal attention that is unmatched and tailored to fit each of her client's unique needs.

Compassionate Care ~ Dealing with legal problems can be a difficult time, particularly when they involve emotional issues, such as divorce or child custody. With a background in marriage and family therapy, Kimberly is able to deliver personal and compassionate services to provide an integrated approach to the resolution of family conflicts while taking into account the emotional and financial needs of her clients.

Knowledgeable & Professional Representation ~ Kimberly promotes the resolution of disputes in a professional and confident manner that encourages the collaboration and fruitful participation of all interested parties. Her knowledge and expertise in collaborative law have led her to advocate a skillful and balanced approach to the practice of law, one that avoids overly aggressive legal tactics that may prejudice important relationships.