Twin Cities Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Minnesota Collaborative Divorce is a process to respectfully and collaboratively negotiate a mutually-acceptable settlement without court intervention. An attorney representing a client in the collaborative law process has a duty distinct from the traditional adversarial role. The attorney works closely with a client to advise him or her throughout the process, acting as a counselor and trusted friend. Collaborative divorce differs from mediation in that there is no neutral arbitrator. Therefore, the attorneys for both parties play a key role in helping their clients come to terms that are favorable to both sides. The collaborative divorce process generally proceeds along the following lines:

  1. Informational Meeting with a Financial neutral, Divorce Coach or Attorney to answer questions and plan your first steps.
  2. Meet and Hire Team Professionals including attorneys and other specialists for your unique situation (family specialist, financial neutral and/or mental health professional).
  3. Joint Meeting with Attorneys (and Coach) to sign paperwork, plan goals and make initial agreements.
  4. Meet with professionals separately to complete divorce tasks including legal plan, parenting plan, financial plan and relational plan.
  5. Follow-up joint meetings with attorneys to solidify agreements and draft paperwork (additional team members invited as needed).
  6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 as needed.
  7. Sign Paperwork and Complete the Process.
  8. Attorneys File Paperwork and no court intervention is necessary.

Collaborative Divorce Lawyer in the Twin Cities

As a Minnesota collaborative divorce professional, Kimberly Miller acts as an ally and advocate for her client. She helps facilitate negotiations, generate options, advise on applicable law, ensure an open process, and assure her client's needs are adequately addressed by the resolution.

Kimberly supports clients in collaborative divorce in many roles: attorney, financial neutral, mediator or mental health professional. Her extensive training allows her to joint your team in a variety of roles. Meet with her to learn more.

For such important transitions as divorce or child custody, Kimberly believes collaboration is frequently the best way for clients to reconcile conflicts and preserve relationships, while maintaining control of the process. Kimberly Miller works with clients in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and other Twin Cities suburbs. Contact KM Family Law today to schedule a free consultation to learn more.