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Family Dispute Resolution is an innovative approach that allows families struggling with non-legal issues to seek the experience of a qualified professional to facilitate communication, identify shared goals, and guide families to a workable outcome. Kimberly is poised on the forefront of changes and developments in the area of alternative dispute resolution. She has witnessed the power of consultation and communication in helping families come to favorable terms that all can agree upon. With exceptional training in law and family counseling, Kimberly has the unique skills and capacity to help families reconcile differences and restore healthy relationships.

Family Dispute Resolution is designed to help families work through troubling issues that are not legal in nature, such as caring for elderly parents, grandparent visitation, or parenting arrangements. In these matters, Kimberly has played a key role in facilitating communication, formulating options, outlining shared goals, and guiding families to a workable resolution. Throughout the process, she helps clients repair essential family relationships.

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Kimberly takes great care in nurturing close client relationships and establishing open lines of communication with clients, counseling them as they strive to achieve a positive result. Contact KM Family Law today to discuss your options.