Girl I feel like I owe you many many bottles of wine. You have made this horrendous process tolerable and at times totally fun. You are incredible and a wonderful person. I really appreciate all you have done. All the emotional support, your patience your humor and of course you unwavering support and intelligence and knowledge. I was so lucky to have had my friend recommend you. I honestly will always remember this and how much easier and better you made this process for me. Please don’t forget how much you are appreciated.
– Client Amy P.
I would like to highly rate Kimberly for other woman going through a divorce. I really appreciated Kimberly’s knowledge, straight to the point perspective, and taking me aside to talk privately at the end of the meeting. Even though my situation didn’t require someone to confide in, I felt comfortable with Kimberly instantly, and would have trusted her to have my best interests if needed.
– Client Vicky K.
Kimberly (and Lainie) have been excellent to work with and she delivered exactly as advertised. While I don’t imagine anyone going through this type scenario ever really feels good about the outcome, I believe the approach chosen in conjunction with Kimberly’s expertise has lead to a clean, efficient and equitable outcome.
– Former Client
I truly believe the guidance Kimberly provided me helped me work through my divorce. I don’t know if my ex-husband and I would get along as well as we do now had I not worked with Kimberly and her collaborative approach. Entering into my divorce I was very concerned about the expense I would incur, but Kimberly worked efficiently on the decree and was able to collaborate with my ex-husband and his attorney so we could come to an amicable and expedited result.
– A.S.
Thanks so much for the great work you did. I sincerely appreciate how everything finally worked out for us; I feel it was a very good decision that we were able to work with you from the outset of this process. Your professionalism helped carry us over the finish line w/an amicable agreement – all we could ask for!
– Former Mediation Client
Kimberly Miller worked as a mediator and counselor to handle a very difficult family situation that involved many variables and a number of challenging personalities. Her work assisted the entire family, including three children, identify mutual goals and come to a very satisfactory resolution. Kimberly is still working with us to continue to guide and implement the agreement and teach us new ways to address conflicts as they arise.
– G.M.
Kimberly is thoughtful and responsive to the issues that arise in cases. She works effectively with the professionals involved to find positive resolution for her client and the family as a whole. She not only advocates for her client, but seeks to understand the other person’s needs as well so as to make the best for the entire family. Kimberly has been an incredible person to work with and I know that a family will be well served when she is one of the attorneys.
– Louise Livesay, Collaborative Attorney
Kimberly provided me with the emotional and legal support I needed to get through a very difficult time in my life. She offered me sound counsel and in the end, a very fair result.
– Past Client
It was a pleasure working with Kimberly during the difficult event of divorce especially with children involved. She provided great resources for every step of the process. I would definitely refer her to anyone I cross paths with that needs these types of services. I highly recommend the mediation process for it was very smooth in our divorce and we are still friends.
– Former Mediation Client
Kimberly became a pro bono attorney at the Children’s Law Center of Minnesota in 2006. She has had several clients and her representation with her clients has been superlative. She quickly obtained a good working relationship with her clients and is a very strong advocate in the juvenile court system for her clients. Kimberly is very compassionate and strongly believes that she is making a difference when representing and advocating in juvenile court for her clients. Kimberly is making a difference and we at CLC appreciate all the hard work dedication and commitment to her clients—-she is their voice.
– Weida Allen, Children's Law Center
Kimberly brings a broad approach to legal practice that combines creative solutions and ideas with sophisticated legal knowledge. In addition, Kimberly has demonstrated effective written and oral communications skills.
– Nathaniel Dahl, Esq.
Thank you for all of your help during my divorce proceedings. As stressful as the experience was, I really appreciate how you made the legal process as straightforward as possible and had a no-pressure approach. I so appreciate all your help.
– Former Client
I just wanted to let you know how your services were appreciated. As emotionally painful as everything was, your counsel helped our transition go very smoothly. I thought you handled our affairs with objectivity, thoroughness, and fairness. Thank you for everything.
– Mediation Client
Life can throw us all kinds of curveballs. When one is lobbed in your direction, you need to understand your choices and options if those curveballs include divorce or separation. What remains unique about Kimberly is her approach to these types of situations. Working in collaboration with all parties to find an agreeable solution for all concerned, Kimberly stands out as both professional and dedicated to her clients. We all know someone who unfortunately experienced a divorce or separation, and the emotional and financial setback that resulted. Having an alternative to those setbacks is certainly worth seeking Kimberly out to guide you through.
– Brett Anderson, St. Croix Advisors, LLC