Youth athletes in soccer clothes sitting on a bench in a row. - KM Family Law

Tips for Co-Parenting Kids with Active School Schedules

The school year is getting started, and for many families, that means school sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities are getting under way. Managing kids’ active school schedules is hard enough for households with two parents. After a s… Read More
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Woman wrapping a Christmas gift

Should You Give Your Co-Parent a Christmas Gift?

December is the season for gift-giving. When Christmas comes around, kids and adults alike enjoy wrapping and giving gifts to loved ones and family. After a breakup, your former spouse or partner probably isn’t at the top of your “nice list”. B… Read More
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Mother taking kids to school - KM Family Law

Co-Parents: Make Decisions on Enrolling Your Child in School Together

It’s Back-to-School time. If this year you find yourself arguing with your co-parent about where your child should be attending classes, it may feel like you are spiralling toward a court battle. The good news is there are tools you can use to make… Read More
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Little boy is splashing his sister with garden hose. on a sunny summer day. - KM Family Law

Preparing Your Summer Parenting Time Plan

The end of the school year is right around the corner. If you are waiting until the last minute to work out your summer parenting time plan, you could be setting yourself up for conflict, and your children up for disappointment. Find out what you can… Read More
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Filling Out Tax Form - KM Family Law

Can You Claim Your Child on Your Taxes After Divorce?

Filing your taxes can be confusing enough when everyone in the family is under one roof. Knowing what you and your former spouse should do after the divorce can be even tougher. Add to that the recent changes to the tax code, and many parents are lef… Read More
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Dad and Son at Christmas - KM Family Law

Resolve Your Holiday Parenting Disputes Now

Thanksgiving is coming soon and the winter holidays are right around the corner. For separated and divorced parents, holiday parenting disputes can make your Christmas less merry and sour your New Year. Resolve your holiday parenting disputes now, so… Read More
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Mother Comforting Teen Daughter Who is Stressed Due to Parents' Divorce - KM Family Law

​Ways to Protect Your Children During Divorce

Divorce is stressful for everyone involved, but sometimes it can be especially hard for children. The children of divorcing parents can often feel uncertain about their futures, or stuck in the middle of two warring sides. Find out how to protect you… Read More
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Photo of mom and young daughter on porch - Minnesota Parenting Plan - KM Family Law

Does Your Minnesota Parenting Plan Cover Everything It Should?

Your Minnesota Parenting Plan is the contract that describes how you and your co-parent will handle the job of raising your children, now that you are divorced or separated. If done well, it can do far more than just outline who spends time with the… Read More
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Couple Boxing to Solve Disagreements About Parenting Plans - KM Family Law

The Best Ways to Solve Disagreements About Parenting Plans

After divorce or separation, disagreements about parenting plans can reopen old wounds. Conflict over parenting time exchanges and other parenting decisions can cause anxiety for parents and children alike. You can help you kids by learning healthy h… Read More
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Holiday Co-Parenting - Divorced Mom and Kids Decorate Christmas Tree - KM Family Law

Holiday Co-Parenting After Divorce: Five Tips for a Peaceful Season

The difficulties faced after divorce can often seem to come in waves. Holidays often prove to be particularly poignant waves and can be the source of strong emotions and anxiety. This is all particularly true when there are children involved. Facing… Read More
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