Shot of a couple having an argument during a counseling session with a therapist - KM Family Law

Mediation vs Collaborative Divorce: What’s the Difference?

When you are considering your options for ending your marriage with respect and dignity, all the terms around divorce can get confusing. If you know you and your spouse are committed to keeping things friendly, you may want to consider mediation or c… Read More
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How to Make Mediation Work

Most Minnesota divorce and custody disputes end up in mediation at some point. Sometimes the parties choose to use mediation to avoid the time and expense of a lengthy court battle. In other cases, a family law judge will refer the case to mediation… Read More
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concept of section of property after divorce. - KM Family Law

Can You Resolve Your Minnesota Divorce Property Division Yourself?

When it comes time to separate, married couples often have trouble dividing “mine” from “yours”. Find out how Minnesota divorce property division works, and how you can avoid heading to court to fight over your assets. In this blog post I wil… Read More
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Couple at Facilitative Mediation - KM Family Law

Why Facilitated Mediation May Be the Solution to Your Family Dispute

Not every couple can resolve their differences on their own. When a custody dispute or divorce puts you and your partner at odds, you may need the help of a trained objective third party to come to a resolution you both can live with. Whether you are… Read More
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Benefit and Cost of Divorce Mediation: Tallies on Chalk Board - KM Family Law

The Cost of Divorce Mediation, And Why It Might Be Right for You

Many facing divorce are confronted with the reality that going to court can be very expensive. The thought of mounting legal fees in the face of such a life changing event can take its toll. The fact of the matter is, however, that divorce does not n… Read More
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