Photo of mom and young daughter on porch - Minnesota Parenting Plan - KM Family Law

Does Your Minnesota Parenting Plan Cover Everything It Should?

Your Minnesota Parenting Plan is the contract that describes how you and your co-parent will handle the job of raising your children, now that you are divorced or separated. If done well, it can do far more than just outline who spends time with the… Read More
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Couple Boxing to Solve Disagreements About Parenting Plans - KM Family Law

The Best Ways to Solve Disagreements About Parenting Plans

After divorce or separation, disagreements about parenting plans can reopen old wounds. Conflict over parenting time exchanges and other parenting decisions can cause anxiety for parents and children alike. You can help you kids by learning healthy h… Read More
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Spouses Talking About Collaborative Divorce - KM Family Law

How to Talk to Your Spouse About Collaborative Divorce

Divorce is a difficult topic. It is emotionally charged and can easily trigger fear and anxiety. This being said, if you and your spouse are considering divorce, having multiple discussions about it will likely follow. One such discussion might be a… Read More
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Hands of Couple who Signed Uncontested Divorce Agreement - KM Family Law

Uncontested Divorce — What Do You Need to Agree On?

While a marriage may end in divorce, it does not have to end in destruction and devastation of finances and feelings. One of the best ways to save yourself from the financial and emotional toll of divorce is to try for an uncontested divorce. An unco… Read More
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Benefit and Cost of Divorce Mediation: Tallies on Chalk Board - KM Family Law

The Cost of Divorce Mediation, And Why It Might Be Right for You

Many facing divorce are confronted with the reality that going to court can be very expensive. The thought of mounting legal fees in the face of such a life changing event can take its toll. The fact of the matter is, however, that divorce does not n… Read More
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Couple Shaking Hands Making Debt Division Agreement - KM Family Law

Dividing Debt During Divorce. What’s Fair?

Often people will focus on division of property and assets when in the midst of divorce. Debt, however, is also divided during the divorce process. Just like with division of marital property, dividing debt during divorce can have significant consequ… Read More
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Holiday Co-Parenting - Divorced Mom and Kids Decorate Christmas Tree - KM Family Law

Holiday Co-Parenting After Divorce: Five Tips for a Peaceful Season

The difficulties faced after divorce can often seem to come in waves. Holidays often prove to be particularly poignant waves and can be the source of strong emotions and anxiety. This is all particularly true when there are children involved. Facing… Read More
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Collaborative Divorce or Collaborative Decision?

A potential client recently came in for a consult and, as often is the case, her husband was struggling to move forward in the process. They were at very different points on the divorce readiness scale – she was ready, he was not. This is quite typ… Read More
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What is a Parenting Plan?

A parenting plan is a legal document, filed with a divorce decree, that outlines aspects of the co-parenting relationship after divorce. At a minimum, the parenting plan outlines the scheduled time each parent spends with the kids. It can include det… Read More
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Free Consult

Many family law attorneys, like Kimberly Miller, offer a free consult – 30-60 minutes to meet your potential new attorney and get some questions answered. The consult serves two main purposes: learn about your options and get to know your poten… Read More
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