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Sending Your Children to College After Divorce

It is common to have child support apply to minor children who are under the care of one or both parents. Where divorced families run into issues are whether or not that support continues when the children reach the age of majority, 18, but are still… Read More
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Divorcing in Minneapolis Without an Attorney: The Risks

The economic downturn has affected every aspect of people’s lives. This includes not only finances, but also relationships. People who would normally leave an unhappy marriage by working with an experienced, knowledgeable attorney handling the… Read More
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Changing Your Name After a Divorce

Your name is your identity. If you changed your last name when you married, you may want to change your name after your divorce. Women sometimes keep their ex-husband’s last name, but whatever the decision, the choice is yours to make. Many wom… Read More
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Is litigation the only game in town? A perspective on Collaborative Law

A hard as nails litigator is not the answer to every family law problem. There are often times when a lawyer who works in collaborative law may be the best solution. As attorneys, we are expected to do our best for out clients, and often this seems t… Read More
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