How to Choose a Twin Cities Divorce Lawyer

A divorce is never easy on anyone. It is not a decision any couple comes to lightly, particularly if there are children involved. The emotions that accompany a divorce can make it particularly difficult to deal with the legal and financial matters that need to be addressed.

Finding the right Twin Cities lawyer for you is a matter of asking the right questions. You will want to ask questions such as how many years she's been in practice, how many cases have settled, and if family law is her primary area of practice. You should also determine if the divorce attorney has worked on cases similar to yours. If you have issues that need to be resolved in the divorce, such as child custody issues or the valuation of a family business, you will want to find out if the attorney has experience in those areas.

You will also want to ask an attorney about her fee structure. Some Minnesota divorce attorneys charge an hourly rate while others have a flat fee. No attorneys in Minnesota can charge a contingency fee for a divorce. You will want to find out how payments are structured, and if a retainer is needed. Many attorneys accept credit card for ease of payment.

You will want to be sure that your attorney will keep you involved in the divorce process. You should ask a potential Twin Cities family law attorney how he or she will update you on the case and his or her policy on phone calls and emails and frequency of contact. You will also want to find out if the attorney will be handling your case, or if another member of the firm will be responsible for it.

It is important to work with an attorney whose philosophy matches your own. By selecting a Minnesota divorce attorney who works with you and understands what you are looking for, you are in an excellent position to work with someone who will work with you in order to work toward a divorce that is in the best interests for everyone, particularly if there are children involved.

You will want an attorney who will work with you in order to facilitate the best possible outcome. A collaborative divorce, where the parties work together to resolve their issues and work toward an amicable outcome, is often preferable for the parties involved. An attorney who is experienced in collaborative divorces will work with you toward a less antagonistic resolution. This will offer many benefits. For instance, a divorce that has been settled out of court by the parties will be completed in as little as two months or as long as five months. A divorce where the parties litigate the issues in the courtroom will take between six and twelve months. By working with your Minneapolis divorce lawyer and the opposing party in a collaborative divorce, you can cut down the time it takes for your divorce to become final.

Ending a marriage is a difficult, emotionally fraught process. Making the decision to end a marriage is painful and hard. However, it is in your best interest to find an attorney who will keep your best interests at the fore while working professionally to end your marriage on your terms. Your lawyer will be working with you during your divorce and after, if there are issues that need to be resolved later. You want to have a good relationship with your attorney and a level of comfort that will help you get through a difficult time in your life.

It is always best to navigate the process of a Minnesota divorce through the careful analysis of your particular situation. Kimberly Miller offers a free 30 minute consultation. Call her today at 952-428-7830 to schedule yours.