Lawyer's Role in Collaborative Divorce

The parties in a collaborative divorce are committed to working together in order to resolve the issues that come with a divorce. Rather than subject themselves to the stress of litigation, these couples have chosen to focus on creating a positive resolution for both parties. While this may seem like the antithesis of needing an attorney to represent your interests, those people who are working to dissolve their marriages through a collaborative divorce still need a capable, compassionate Minnesota divorce attorney in their corner while they work through these sometimes contentious issues.

While the collaborative divorce process is inherently less adversarial than a standard litigated divorce, your lawyer is not a neutral party. This means that your collaborative divorce lawyer acts not only as your resource but also as your advocate. Your attorney will also safeguard the collaborative divorce process and strive to maintain a positive working environment.

Your Twin Cities divorce lawyer will work with you to determine and identify the issues that you and the opposing party will need to resolve. Your attorney will also investigate and address any issues necessary. A collaborative divorce lawyer will anticipate conflict, so that the parties can circumvent any particularly touchy issues and address them in a less volatile manner. Your attorney will help manage the collaborative divorce process so that it runs smoothly and efficiently. She will also ensure that you are aware of your legal rights and obligations.

Although the collaborative divorce process has both parties working together, it still has the attendant legal obligations required in a divorce that is litigated in the courts. Your attorney will assist you in creating and completing all documentation necessary to finalize your divorce. Your attorney will also aid you in analyzing the consequences of the possible choices that are presented.

Ultimately, your Twin Cities collaborative divorce attorney is there to reassure both parties that each side is working toward coming to a respectful and amenable resolution and that each party is working fairly. Your attorney will make suggestions that neither party may have considered, and aid you in communicating with the other party.

Your Minnesota collaborative divorce lawyer will make it easier to come to an agreement, keeping your best interest at the fore. Both parties are working toward a common goal, and a collaborative divorce attorney will help you reach that goal.