Divorcing in Minneapolis Without an Attorney: The Risks

The economic downturn has affected every aspect of people's lives. This includes not only finances, but also relationships. People who would normally leave an unhappy marriage by working with an experienced, knowledgeable attorney handling the situation for them find themselves looking to non-traditional methods of ending their relationships, including representing themselves.

While it is possible to file for divorce in Minnesota on your own, without legal representation, it can be difficult to manage, not only legally but also emotionally. As your own representative, you are unable to be objective. This is particularly difficult in a situation like divorce, where there are often hard feelings and ill-will toward the opposing party. It is important to have an attorney who will work with you so that you can understand that your needs will be addressed appropriately.

While you can represent yourself in order to save money on legal fees, there are a number of disadvantages that may outweigh the cost savings. As a novice in the legal arena, you do not know what it means to file a pleading or handle a case. While you may have some vague idea of how a divorce is handled, you may be saddled with misconceptions or fall prey to the idea that you will be able to figure things out as you go along with your case. A recent survey by the American Bar Association found that self-represented litigants are doing a poor job. The judges who were surveyed noted that these self-represented litigants often find themselves with an unfavorable result.

If you are representing yourself in your Minnesota divorce, you will be held to the same standards as a party who is represented by an attorney. This means that the court will have the same expectations of you as it would of a licensed attorney representing a client. While the court may offer some leeway to you if the case is simple and uncontested, it will hold you accountable the more complex the proceedings become.

If there are any contentious issues, particularly in a divorce where minor children are involved, it is of paramount importance that you have the best knowledge and skills available to make sure that your needs are addressed. By working with a compassionate Minneapolis divorce attorney who puts your concerns to the fore, you can be sure that your interests are addressed and the best outcome is negotiated.

Hiring a knowledgeable Twin Cities family law attorney to represent you during your divorce proceedings is not inexpensive. However, you will benefit by having someone who represents your needs and your best interests and who knows how to navigate the legal process efficiently and effectively, putting your concerns to the fore.

Most lawsuits never go to trial; however, this does not mean that the resulting settlements are easily reached. With family law, and in particular with divorce proceedings, an experienced attorney understands that the process is collaborative. Your Minnesota divorce attorney will work with your in order to establish your needs and work toward a result that takes into account your best interests. Your Minneapolis family law attorney will also work with opposing counsel in an effort to negotiate an effective, positive settlement. This collaboration means that there is less times spent in court litigate issues that can be more effectively and more readily settled between the parties during mediation or settlement negotiations.

Because your attorney understands the intricacies of the law, she will not be sidetracked by emotions. A divorce is a matter fraught with raw emotions for all parties involved; by having a representative who has your best interests as her goal but who is not saddled with the baggage you are, your legal and financial needs will be well represented.

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