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Wayzata, MN family law attorney committed to respecting and helping clients maintain healthy relationships during divorce proceedings and as they work to resolve family disputes. Call today at 952-428-7830 to schedule a free initial consultation with Twin Cities divorce attorney Kimberly Miller.

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“Kimberly Miller worked as a mediator and counselor to handle a very difficult family situation that involved many variables and a number of challenging personalities. Her work assisted the entire family, including three children, identify mutual goals and come to a very satisfactory resolution. Kimberly is still working with us to continue to guide and implement the agreement and teach us new ways to address conflicts as they arise.” - G.M., View More

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How to Choose a Twin Cities Divorce Lawyer A divorce is never easy on anyone. It is not a decision any couple comes to lightly, particularly if there are children involved. The emotions that accompany a divorce can make it particularly difficult to deal with the legal and financial matters that need to be addressed... More