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Kimberly Miller, J.D., M.A. is known for her ability to resolve challenging family issues without resort to aggressive legal strategies that are damaging to vital family relationships. She offers a free initial 30 minute consultation. Call her today to schedule yours.

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"Finding the right lawyer for you is a matter of asking the right questions. You will want to ask questions such as how many years she's been in practice, how many cases have settled, and if family law is her primary area of practice..." - Learn More

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Kimberly is thoughtful and responsive to the issues that arise in cases. She works effectively with the professionals involved to find positive resolution for her client and the family as a whole. She not only advocates for her client, but seeks to understand the other person's needs as well so as to make the best for the entire family. Kimberly has been an incredible person to work with and I know that a family will be well served when she is one of the attorneys." - Louise Livesay, Collaborative Attorney View All Minnesota Divorce Attorney Reviews If you live in Brooklyn Park, MN, call Kimberly Miller for a free consultation. If collaborative divorce, mediation, or family dispute resolution is not the right fit for you, attorney Miller will refer you to a trusted divorce attorney. Call her at 952-428-7830.