Drafting & Reviewing

Drafting and reviewing is often a cheap and quick option to make decisions during a divorce with legal assistance. Some couples going through a divorce are able to work through the issues and come to resolutions on their own. Some clients use a financial neutral or child specialist to help them tailor an agreement on key issues. Other couples may use a neutral mediator or coach to finalize an agreement. All of these processes and experts help clients come up with agreements. Once agreements in principle are reached, the next step is to draft the agreements and file them with the court in order to finalize the divorce.

Some clients choose to draft their own agreements and file jointly, but unrepresented. However, you may better protect your interests and make sure you are well-educated on the law and your rights by hiring an attorney to draft your agreement. The drafting attorney can spend just a few hours writing up your agreements and then meet with you to make sure you fully understand what you are agreeing to. The attorney can answer any questions you may have and can use their expertise to draft agreements most likely to be accepted by the court. This is particularly important if you are establishing any unusual arrangements or agreeing to an inequitable distribution of property.

After an attorney drafts the agreement, another attorney often reviews the paperwork with your spouse. Again, in just a few hours, the attorney can ensure your spouse understands the agreement and is fully educated on the law. The final step is then filing the documents with the court and waiting for them to be final. This drafting and reviewing method is a timely and often cost-effective way to have legal representation but do most of the work on your own. It is also a process that helps you both make decisions in your own best interest but without the worry of navigating a legal system.