Don't Divorce Me! HBO Documentary on Kids' Rules for Divorce

HBO recently featured a wonderfully honest and fresh documentary on kids of divorce. The 30-minute film focuses on children who have recently gone through divorce. They offer unique perspectives on the realities they face. Even more refreshingly, they offer unique insights and rules for their parents. Indeed, these little minds are often more grounded and reflective in their views than their parents.

Some of the many words of wisdom from this documentary, are:

  • Don't have me spy.
  • Be honest with me - talk to me honestly. I can handle it.
  • Don't put me in the middle.
  • Keep reminding me this isn't my fault.
  • There is not a big bright side of things - but try to look on the bright side.
  • I miss my other parent in my heart.
  • GIve us mor elove than we need.

If you have children and are contemplating divorce, check out Don't Divorce Me! Kids' Rules for their Parent's Divorce on HBO ON DEMAND or