Introduction to Family Dispute Resolution

Often, families find themselves struggling with issues that are difficult to work through but are not properly addressed in a court of law. Family Dispute Resolution is an innovative method which enables these families to seek the experience of a qualified professional in order to resolve these issues. The family can bring this issue to Family Dispute Resolution in order to facilitate communication on a topic that may be loaded with emotions. Family Dispute Resolution offers participants the opportunity to identify shared goals and can guide families to a workable outcome.

Family Dispute Resolution is designed to be a non-adversarial setting in which a mediator helps parties reach a fully informed and mutually acceptable resolution that focuses on the best interests of all family members. There are no sides to be taken; instead, each party is heard so that all concerns are addressed.

This type of alternative dispute resolution is prevalent in Australia, where it has worked to assist families with problems that often seem insurmountable. Here in this country, practitioners of Family Dispute Resolution believe that offering a space for families to communicate will help come to favorable terms for everyone in order to resolve thorny issues. By utilizing Family Dispute Resolution, an attorney can help families reconcile their differences and create or restore healthy relationships.

Family Dispute Resolution helps families work through troubling issues such as how to care for elderly parents or working out grandparent visitation. Your dispute resolution mediator will facilitate communication between the parties and help the family come up with possible options for resolution. There is also the opportunity to determine shared goals, making it easier to create an outcome that satisfies all parties. Your mediator will guide your family to a workable resolution. By working through the Family Dispute Resolution process, the mediator may also help your family repair your relationships.

Family Dispute Resolution is not a means for one party to hold sway; it is instead a place for each party to be heard respectfully and with understanding. The goal of Family Dispute Resolution is to reduce acrimony that may exist between the parties. Ideally, the parties will set aside the anger, pain and frustration that have kept them from working together in order to find common ground and resolve difficult situations. If you want more information about Family Dispute Resolution in Minnesota, contact attorney Kimberly Miller today.