Can a Couple Have a Friendly Divorce?

Divorce is considered among the most difficult and stressful live events. There is no denying that it is an emotionally fraught situation when a couple realizes that they would be better apart. However, even though there are bound to be tense moments, that does not mean that a couple has to be antagonistic when divorcing. Working with the right Twin Cities divorce attorney can help ease this difficult process.

Couples who divorce want to start their lives fresh. A compassionate attorney understands this and will work with her client in order to create a respectful course of action. In order for a couple to have a friendly divorce, both parties must want to succeed. If either party decides that raking the other over the coals is more important than ending the marriage respectfully, they will hinder the process.

Working toward a positive resolution does not mean giving up on what you need. A friendly divorce isn't for every couple – for instance, in cases where there has been domestic violence – but many couples can decide to put their anger aside when dissolving their marriage. For those couples, it is more important that they leave the marriage behind and start their lives on a positive note than it is to hurt the other party.

An experienced Minnesota family law attorney can help guide you through this process. She will explain how letting go of antagonism could work to your benefit. Rather than coming toward each other as adversaries, you and your ex-spouse can look for a more courteous method of ending your marriage.

Perhaps most important in ending your marriage on friendly terms is the need to be honest in all your dealings with each other. This means fully disclosing finances and avoiding using material goods, or, worse yet, your children as weapons. Looking toward the end result rather than trying to score points is to everyone's benefit.

If you are considering divorce and are interested in seeking out a less contentious path, contact Kimberly today. She can discuss your options with you and help you decide how best to proceed.