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Minnesota family law attorney Kimberly Miller serves residents of Ramsey County, MN. If you need a family law attorney, call her today at 952-428-7830 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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Kimberly Miller's legal experience and training in family counseling and psychology distinguish her ability to provide effective representation and guidance to families... (Ramsey County, MN divorce attorney)

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Knowledgeable & Professional Representation ~ Kimberly promotes the resolution of disputes in a professional and confident manner that encourages the collaboration and fruitful participation of all interested parties. Her knowledge and expertise in collaborative law have led her to advocate a skillful and balanced approach to the practice of law, one that avoids overly aggressive legal tactics that may prejudice important relationships.


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"I truly believe the guidance Kimberly provided me helped me work through my divorce. I don't know if my ex-husband and I would get along as well as we do now had I not worked with Kimberly and her collaborative approach. Entering into my divorce I was very concerned about the expense I would incur, but Kimberly worked efficiently on the decree and was able to collaborate with my ex-husband and his attorney so we could come to an amicable and expedited result." - A.S.

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