Divorce Attorneys in Dakota County, Minnesota

Twin Cities divorce attorney Kimberly Miller serves Dakota County, MN. Kimberly Miller is committed to respecting and helping clients maintain healthy relationships during divorce proceedings and as they work to resolve family disputes. Feel free to contact KM Family Law to discuss your options at 952-428-7830.

Dakota County Family Law Services:

Why Choose Dakota County MN Family Law Attorney Kimberly Miller:

Compassionate Care ~ Dealing with legal problems can be a difficult time, particularly when they involve emotional issues, such as divorce or child custody. With a background in marriage and family therapy, Kimberly is able to deliver personal and compassionate services to provide an integrated approach to the resolution of family conflicts while taking into account the emotional and financial needs of her clients. (more)

Testimonials for Dakota County Divorce Attorney:

“Kimberly became a pro bono attorney at the Children's Law Center of Minnesota in 2006. She has had several clients and her representation with her clients has been superlative. She quickly obtained a good working relationship with her clients and is a very strong advocate in the juvenile court system for her clients. Kimberly is very compassionate and strongly believes that she is making a difference when representing and advocating in juvenile court for her clients. Kimberly is making a difference and we at CLC appreciate all the hard work dedication and commitment to her clients----she is their voice.” – Weida Allen, CLC (more)