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Minnesota family law attorney Kimberly Miller counsels individuals in Washington County, MN. If you need to speak with a Minnesota divorce and family law attorney, contact her office today to schedule a consultation at 952-428-7830.

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Knowledgeable & Professional Representation ~ Washington County, Minnesota Family Law attorney Kimberly promotes the resolution of disputes in a professional and confident manner that encourages the collaboration and fruitful participation of all interested parties. Her knowledge and expertise in collaborative law have led her to advocate a skillful and balanced approach to the practice of law, one that avoids overly aggressive legal tactics that may prejudice important relationships.


"Kimberlyis thoughtful and responsive to the issues that arise in cases. She works effectively with the professionals involved to find positive resolution for her client and the family as a whole. She not only advocates for her client, but seeks to understand the other person's needs as well so as to make the best for the entire family. Kimberly has been an incredible person to work with and I know that a family will be well served when she is one of the attorneys." - Louise Livesay, Collaborative Attorney