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Are you considering filing for divorce in Champlin, MN?

Many individuals set up a consultation even if they are only thinking about a divorce but need more information. Call Kimberly Miller today at 952-428-7830 to discuss your options. If collaborative divorce is not the right fit for you, she'll refer to another trusted Minnesota divorce attorney.

KM Family Law Champlin, MN Services

  • Champlin, MN Collaborative Divorce
    Collaborative Divorce
    is a process to respectfully and collaboratively negotiate a mutually-acceptable settlement without court intervention...
  • Champlin, MN Mediation
    is a process whereby a neutral mediator assists clients in crafting unique resolutions to their own distinct conflicts...
  • Champlin, MN Family Dispute Resolution
    Family Dispute Resolution is designed to help families work through troubling issues that are not legal in nature, such as caring for elderly parents, grandparent visitation, or parenting arrangements...

Champlin, Minnesota Divorce Lawyer

How to Choose a Twin Cities Divorce Lawyer

You will want to be sure that your attorney will keep you involved in the divorce process. You should ask a potential attorney how he or she will update you on the case and his or her policy on phone calls and emails and frequency of contact. You will also want to find out if the attorney will be handling your case, or if another member of the firm will be responsible for it... View More

Twin Cities Divorce Attorney - Client Testimonial

"Kimberly provided me with the emotional and legal support I needed to get through a very difficult time in my life. She offered me sound counsel and in the end, a very fair result." - Past Client