Are collaborative divorce and mediation less expensive alternatives to traditional litigation?

Yes. Collaborative divorce and mediation may be more cost-effective than traditional litigation, because these non-adversarial alternatives do not require formal discovery, depositions, hearings with the court and document filings that require many hours of work by attorneys. The total cost of a collaborative divorce or mediation depend on a number of factors. These factors include the difficulty and number of issues to be resolved and the amount of time your attorney, mediator and/or other professionals spend on your case. In addition to attorney's fees, the costs include court costs (filing fees) and office expenses (copying, long distance telephone calls, postage, etc.). The cost of other helping professionals on your team will also affect your total expenses. These could include your divorce coach, a child specialist or your neutral financial specialist. The legal expenses and mediation services provided by KM Family Law can be paid by check or credit card.