Is litigation the only game in town? A perspective on Collaborative Law

A hard as nails litigator is not the answer to every family law problem. There are often times when a lawyer who works in collaborative law may be the best solution. As attorneys, we are expected to do our best for out clients, and often this seems to translate into being contentious or "never giving in." In reality, negotiation and working toward a resolution collaboratively will do better to solve a legal issue, particularly in the area of family law.

Minnesota collaborative law is also often less expensive than a traditional litigation based approach to the practice. In these difficult economic times, everyone is looking for a more economical choice, and this extends to legal representation. A Twin Cities collaborative attorney offers clients the opportunity to attain a positive resolution without breaking the bank.

Clients also appreciate working with a collaborative law attorney because they are more in control of the process. While clients do not have the legal expertise to represent themselves, they may know the solution they are looking for and ultimately they have a say in the final resolution. By being involved in the means of attaining that solution, clients are better able to understand what factors are at play. They can also direct the terms and conditions of the result so that it is reflective of their needs. Clients are aften more satisfied with the outcome when they are part of the process.

By working with a collaborative lawyer, clients are empowered to approach divorce in a more peaceful, less antagonistic manner. The process then becomes less of a fight and more of a resolution to a marriage that stopped working. A Twin Cities collaborative lawyer will help her client work through difficult financial and parenting issues toward a resolution that is respectful of all parties involved.

Rather than making the divorce process needlessly antagonistic, or further inciting bad feelings, a collaborative attorney works to create a place where there is less conflict and more of a focus on an amenable solution. Clients are better prepared in their transition to a new, single life when they work in an environment that will respectfully end the marriage and allow their needs to be met.

The collaborative process is of particular benefit in those divorces where children are involved. Because the process is client-driven, the clients' interests are put to the fore, with problem solving as the goal. By focusing on the best interests of the children, a collaborative attorney will direct the discussion in the appropriate manner.

Just as you would never consider selecting a doctor for a surgical procedure without getting the benefit of another opinion, it is important to recognize that there is more than one option when a client is looking for a solution to a family law matter. A Minneapolis / St. Paul collaborative lawyer may be a better option and a client should always know their options.